Supporting healthy Waldorf music education everywhere!

Mentoring Services

AWME is dedicated to Waldorf music education, and one of the ways we can strengthen and support this work is to offer mentoring services. This has been very valuable for many schools and faculties throughout North America, and if often the best way to assist the development and growth of Waldorf music education!

These services include consultations, evaluations and mentoring for both individual music teachers and school faculties, and may be implemented in the following ways:

  • School visits to observe and mentor (usually 2-3 days for observation and meetings, and costs can include transportation, housing and meals + mentoring fee)
  • Workshops/in-service presentations (often incorporated or included in a school visit)
  • Consultation with school administration, faculty and/or committee in forming or restructuring the music program at the school
  • Individual consultations by phone or Skype (fee by the hour)

Waldorf music mentoring

If you think we can be of service, please consider inviting one of our experienced colleagues to assist you as you continue to develop and strengthen your music teaching or the music program in your school! Please feel free to contact us about your mentoring or consultation needs, specific questions, fees, etc.