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AWME members are an incredible group of people – united in their commitment to quality Waldorf music education, they hail from around the world, and find themselves as music teachers, class teachers, kindergarten teachers, assistants, administrators, parents and therapists. Members of AWME know that they are supporting music education in the light of anthroposophy out of the indications given by Rudolf Steiner in the early part of the 20th century. His work led to many endeavors that nurture and cultivate free-thinking human beings and their relationship to the earth and cosmos; community, education, medicine, farming, social working, architecture, and more.

AWME members are willing to work together on a daily basis; to share, advise, support and bring together ideas that create a better Waldorf music education to children everywhere. They seek to deepen and strengthen their understanding of what it means to be human, and how music can serve this soul need. They know that music is a human birthright, and have chosen to step into this stream of unique human experience, and serve its life in the world.

If you have yet to join AWME, we hope you find enough inspiration and resources on our website to consider becoming a member of the Association for Waldorf Music Education. To those of you who are already members, we honor you and your good work. Your devotion is a gift not only to the children you serve, but to the evolution of humanity. We thank you sincerely for being  AWME – we couldn’t do it without you!